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                Noho Capital -Managed Futures on Asian Equity Indices
The investment strategy Noho Capital - Managed Futures on Asian Equity Indices, was stopped in December 2015. Having outperformed the majority of CTAs during the 5 years the strategy was running, Mathias Piardon returned funds to investor to embrace a strong opportunity in a top tier Fund of Hedge Funds.

Mathias Piardon was previousy Head Of Equity Derivatives trading for Asia ex-Japan for Dresdner Bank. Prior to that, he was a senior equity derivatives trader for Calyon, based in London, Zurich, Paris and Hong Kong.

Noho Capital Management Limited changed name on Sept 5th 2014 to Altitude Principle Advisory Limited. 

Events and publications by NoHo Capital:

APAC Insider's 2016 Investment Awards
"Best Systematic Trading Program & Best for Asian Managed F"      Award Winner

Wealth and Finance International 2015 Fund Awards
"Best Systematic Trading Program on Asian Equity Markets"      Award Winner

Hedge Fund Start-Up 2015 
May 6th 2015, London
Noho Capital was invited as a panellist on the topic "Cost reduction for startup managers"

Battle of the Quants 2014
November 18th 2014, London
Noho Capital is invited as a panellist.

Hedge Funds World Asia 2014 
September 3rd, 4th, 2014, Hong Kong
NoHo Capital is invited as  a panellist on the topic "Niche
Opportunities in Emerging Managers for Hedge Fund Investors"

3rd Art of Asset Management     
May 20th, 2014, Hong Kong
Noho Capital attended.

Asia Hedge Forum 2014
April 24th, 2014, Hong Kong
NoHo Capital attended.

FOW Derivatives World Asia 2014
April 2nd & 3rd, 2014, Hong Kong
Noho Capital is invited as panellist on the topic "Building your trading business"

Fund Forum Asia 2014                 
April 1st  & 2nd, 2014, Hong Kong
Noho Capital did a solo presentation on "Fund Raising in Uncertain Times"

Hedge Funds World Asia
Sep 4-5th 2013, Hong Kong
NoHo Capital is invited as a panelist on the topic "Rediscovering the role of hedge funds in investor portfolio: how lasting is the change ?"

Fund Forum Asia 2013
Apr 15-19th 2013, JW Marriott hotel, Hong Kong
NoHo Capital did a presentation on the topic "Risk Management Applied to Managed Futures Funds".

Battle of the Quant 2012, Hong Kong 2012
Dec12th-13th, 2013
Noho Capital is invited as panelist on the topic "Man vs Machine vs Quantamental".

HFM Asia Performance Awards 2012      award winner
Nov 28th 2012, Shangri-La Hotel, Hong Kong
NoHo Capital received the award in the category "Managed futures (CTA) newcomer"

Quantitative Investmtent and High Frequency Trading Summit APAC 2012
Nov 19th-21st 2012, Rennaissance hotel, Shanghai
Noho Capital was an invited speaker.

Hedge Funds World Asia 2012          
Sep 5-6th 2012, Harbour Grand Hotel, Hong Kong
NoHo Capital attended.

Trading Architecture Asia 2012
Aug 29-31 2012, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center
NoHo Capital was a panelist on the topic:" Managing risk stemming from the trading function"

Asia Investor magazine, July 2012
M. Piardon is interviewed in the Trader Talk column: " Faster algos for CTAs"
7th Annual Asian Investment Summit 
Hong Kong, May 23-24 2012
NoHo was a panelist on May 24th at 11.45am:" Rethinking Investment Risk - is there a way to tackle diversification by risk factors, benchmarking and how to manage volatility ?"                                     
Credit Suisse 4th Annual Asia Pacific Thought    Leadership Conference
Hong Kong, May 23rd 2012
NoHo attended.                              
Eurekahedge Asian Hedge Funds Awards
Singapore, May 25th, 2012
NoHo Capital is nominated in the category " Best New Asian Hedge Fund" for its Intraday Strategies trading program.
Asia Hedge Forum 2012
Hong Kong, February 29th-March 1st 2012 
NoHo Capital will be attending.
HFM Operational Leaders Summit Asia
Macau, February 23-24th 2012
Battle of the Quants, Hong Kong, 2011
J.W. Marriott, December 14-15th, 2011
NoHo Capital is on the panel of " Systematic Model Issues of the Day: Would you ever override your Trading System ? "
Hedge Fund Club networking event
China Club, Hong Kong, October 18th, 2011
HedgeFundsWorld Asia 2011
Hong Kong, September 6th - 9th 2011

NoHo Capital was selected to be among the Next Emerging Alpha Strategists.

Publication in Active Trader Magazine Aug 2011: "Following the institutions: Using investment flows as a trend indicator"

Publication in Journal of AIMA Q3 2011: "File Sharing as an efficient Setup for Emerging Managers"
AsiaHedge Forum
Hong Kong, March 16th and 17th 2011

MFA Networking
Palm Beach, Fl. (US), January 30th to February 1st 2011

Asia Investment Summit, Hong Kong 2012. NoHo Capital is represented by M. Piardon (right)
Credit: Asia Investor

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